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ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolutions)

Partner With Us to Protect

Your Company and Your Employees

Can you answer yes to these questions?

  • Does your company have an extensive prospective employee package that includes application, ADA policy statement, application evaluation form, conditional job offer form and information concerning when to ask what pre-employment questions?
  • Does your company have a hired employee package that includes employee orientation forms, new employee information sheet, Federal & State required documents, employee policy handbook, drug/alcohol policy, workplace violence policy, employee handbook, etc?
  • Do you and your employees know what to do when an accident occurs?
  • Do you and your employees know what documentation to fill out after an accident occurs?
  • Do you review exposure and compliance issues?
  • Do you have an 800 hotline to consult with on claims & employee injury litigation?
  • Are your safety, human resources and dispute resolution issues updated regularly?
  • Do you have a company safety policy statement and employee safety policies?
  • Do you have a safety literature and safety video library readily available for use?
  • Does your company hold regular safety inspections and have safety awareness training?
  • Is your company OSHA compliant on HAZCOM, Lockout/Tag-out, Personal protective equipment, etc.?
  • Are you D.O.T. compliant?
  • Do you have an Alternative Dispute Resolution program in place to help protect your company from employee or customer brought lawsuits?
  • Do your invoices/rental agreements include ADR clauses that can protect you from costly litigation?

If you could not answer yes to all of these questions then we can help.

ECS provides a cost-effective way for your business to comply with the myriad of state and federal labor laws, employee/human resource issues and workplace safety.

DSI administered arbitration programs can help to reduce your exposure to costly employee or customer lawsuits. Let us be your first line of defense!

Call us today at (888) 374-3737 -  or visit our web sites at and We’ll give you peace of mind.


Essential Corporate Solutions (ECS) was established in July 1990 to provide quality human resources and safety services.

ECS provides a cost-effective way for businesses to comply with the myriad of state and federal labor laws, employee/human resource issues, and workplace safety. In over 18 years of business, we have afforded our clients a resource to help them confidently hire and manage employees, as well as, avoid and control problems within their organization.

Our safety professionals work with our clients to help create a safe work environment helping to reduce the number of work-related safety incidents and to prevent OSHA violations. Our safety professionals are authorized OSHA Outreach Trainers in both General Industry and Construction safety and can help educate your workers to develop knowledge of work hazards and safe work habits.

ECS welcomes the opportunity to provide you with quality, comprehensive programs that can assist you maintaining a safe work environment and profitable bottom line.

A90% client retention rate attests to the value and quality of our service.


Dispute Solutions, Inc. was established in 1995 as a resource for companies to implement mediation and arbitration programs to resolve employee and customer disputes.

The Federal Arbitration Act allows companies to resolve disputes outside the court room with (ADR) Alternative Dispute Resolution programs. ADR programs are being used by such companies as JC Penney, Circuit City, Diamond Shamrock, Whataburger. A majority of Fortune 500companies are utilizing ADR to resolve employee disputes. ADR statements are in most credit card, banking and Real Estate contracts. General Motors and Ford Motor Company have ADR statements in both sales and credit agreements.

Dispute Solutions, Inc. provides our clients turnkey ADR programs nationwide. Our ADR programs enable companies to resolve disputes with employees and customers in a timely manner at a fraction of the cost of litigation. A properly written ADR can automatically reduce a company’s exposure to litigation costs by 50-80%. Dispute Solutions Inc.’s ADR program was developed by attorneys with over 15 years experience in mediation and arbitration policies.

DSI currently administrates over 30,000 employees and over 5,000 nursing home residents.

Our goal is to allow our clients to resolve their disputes with employees and customers as quickly and cost effective as possible.

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