What can an injury claim ARBITRATION agreement do for you?

1.    Your  Non-Subscriber client can require workplace injury claim arbitration, with or without insurance or an ERISA Plan.  (But, it works better with both.)

2.    Workplace injury arbitration can avoid an excessive jury award.

3.    Claim arbitration awards can be made confidential.

4.    Claim arbitration is usually quicker and cheaper than litigation, due to streamlined procedures.

5.         Arbitration awards are usually final…particularly under the Federal Arbitration Act in the Fifth Circuit

6.    Arbitrators may be more familiar (than a judge or jury) with your business.

7.    Arbitration provisions can limit punitive damage awards.

8.    Any workplace arbitration program MUST be dovetailed with your client’s existing employment policies.  

This is only a summary of why you need an ARBITRATION plan.  Please call for a more detailed synopsis.
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