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Your Company and Your Employees

Can you answer yes to these questions?

·    Does your company have an extensive prospective employee package that includes application, ADA policy statement, application evaluation form, conditional job offer form and information concerning when to ask what pre-employment questions?
•    Does your company have a hired employee package that includes employee orientation forms, new employee information sheet, Federal & State required documents, employee policy handbook, drug/alcohol policy, workplace violence policy, employee handbook, etc?
•    Do you and your employees know what to do when an accident occurs?
•    Do you and your employees know what documentation to fill out after an accident occurs?
•    Do you review exposure and compliance issues?
•    Do you have an 800 hotline to consult with on claims & employee injury litigation?
•    Are your safety, human resources and dispute resolution issues updated regularly?
•    Do you have a company safety policy statement and employee safety policies?
•    Do you have a safety literature and safety video library readily available for use?
•    Does your company hold regular safety inspections and have safety awareness training?
•    Is your company OSHA compliant on HAZCOM, Lockout/Tag-out, Personal protective equipment, etc.?
•    Are you DOT compliant?
•    Do you have an Alternative Dispute Resolution program in place to help protect your company from employee or customer brought lawsuits?
•    Do your invoices/rental agreements include ADR clauses that can protect you from costly litigation?

If you could not answer yes to all of these questions then we can help.

ECS provides a cost-effective way for your business to comply with the myriad of state and federal labor laws, employee/human resource issues and workplace safety.

DSI administered arbitration programs can help to reduce your exposure to costly employee or customer lawsuits. Let us be your first line of defense!

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