NEW Texas Non-Subscriber Insurance Program







The newest and most unique non-subscription program to hit the Texas market in 15 years.  The NEXT GENERATION® product is designed for medium to large employers that have the time and desire to be pro-active in handling and reducing their workplace injuries that could result in a return of premium and lower renewal rates. 


Minimum Number of Employees -  5+

Combined Single Limits (1 M, 1.25 M, 1.5 M, 2 M, 5 M w/Employers Liability)

Retrospective Rating (premium credit 2nd renewal year for good loss ratio)

Contingent Comp Rider available for employees traveling out-of-state on business

Vanishing Deductible (Varies w/deductible chosen) 

Benefit Periods(New longer limits) (110 wks, 160 wks, 210 wks)

Deductible or SIRs ($2,500 to $500,000)

$AFETY PAY$ WORKPLACE INCENTIVE PROGRAM (premium discount for implementation)

E.R.I.S.A. On-Site Rollout (may be required by carrier) – Rollout instructional DVD furnished

Annual Aggregate Deductible Stop Loss – (case by case options)

Legal DefenseDuty to Defend OR Employer may choose own attorney w/deductibles of $50,000 or more

On-Site Risk Management Review (at discretion of carrier)

WORKSTEPSPre-employment physical exam –Premium discount for implementation

All Claims Arbitration Agreement (to include other Title 7 E.P.) included at no cost if desired by client

Safety Plan – client must have current written plan

3-Year Guaranteed Renewal (not guaranteed rate)

E.R.I.S.A. Plan & Arbitration Plan Included

ADR – Alternative Dispute Resolution Program (optional)

Free Discount Prescription Card for Employees

A+ 15 Carrier

Combined Single Limit or Split Benefit Plans



NOTE:  Benefits subject to change.  Call Ferrell & Associates for details and questions.


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