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Safety Pays is a low-cost employee workplace incentive program designed to reduce on-the-job accidents and injuries in virtually any commercial or industrial environment.  Considered the U.S.’s #1 safety incentive program, Safety Pays is currently in use in almost 10,000 companies nationwide and averages a 50% plus reduction in a company’s workplace injury claims in the first year of its use.  Works with non-subscription and worker’s comp policies.

Game Format:

Safety Pays features an exciting, innovative “bingo-based” game approach, which generates both employee enthusiasm and commitment to preventing on-the-job accidents.  There are actually over 25 different game formats available addressing OSHA recordable injuries, lost time  injuries, damage to vehicles (to improve fleet safety), cargo and/or inventory damage control or the program can be fully customized to your company’s specifications.  Moreover, Safety Pays can be expanded to include such human resource issues as absenteeism, tardiness, productivity, customer services, quality control, etc.


The single unit cost of a complete Safety Pays program is $795.00 for 25-60 employees plus shipping.  A Spanish translation upgrade is available.  Discounts apply for multiple unit purchases.

Incentive Awards:

Safety Pays allows its customers a variety of “incentive awards” approaches for rewarding the workforce.  Cash is king for most Safety Pays customers, but others prefer (or are required by company policy) to provide non-cash awards.

The new NEXT GENERATION concept allows premium discounts for implementation of $AFETY PAY$.

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